High-quality kitchen joinery and
kitchen refacing services

Make your kitchen look brand new with help from Turners Joinery and Maintenance. As a family-owned business, Turners Joinery and Maintenance prioritises a personal approach to building. No room in the house is exempt–there is always something we can improve with a bit of creativity and craftsmanship. From laundry rooms to kitchens, improve and upgrade your New South Wales home with excellent pieces from Turners Joinery and Maintenance.

New Kitchens

Build quality and bespoke new kitchens with
Turners Joinery and Maintenance

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home. With so many items to store and place, the areas of kitchens must look clean and elegant. Turners Joinery and Maintenance has experience in creating and building kitchen pieces that will complement any residential property. For custom and personalised kitchen joinery services, Turners Joinery and Maintenance is the right company to call. Our premium services are suitable for all types of customers and a variety of different project requirements, allowing us to use our professional experience to produce an exemplary result for our clients. 

Pantry Area

Turners Joinery and Maintenance can create food storage spaces, cabinets for canned goods, or a nook for refrigerator for your brand new kitchen, making it the ultimate food storage solution.

Cooking Area

Building brand new joinery fixtures for stoves and ovens is something Turners Joinery and Maintenance specialises in. We make sure that the cabinetry surrounding your stove and rangehood are sturdy, can be used to best utilise your cooking style and is made to last against the heat of your cooking appliances.

Storage Solutions

Turners Joinery and Maintenance can build storage spaces and shelves for kitchen appliances, utensils, and cookware items. This cabinetry can be customised to suit your brand new kitchen space to ensure no wasted space and practicality for your new kitchen.

Sink and Dishwasher

Turners Joinery and Maintenance specialises in building custom wet area joinery to surround your sink and dishwasher. We can make this inbuilt to your island benches or in wall mounted cabinetry. We ensure that all joinery and cabinetry is suited to the area and is made to last.

Storage area​
Turners Joinery Sink

Kitchen Refacing

Improve your existing kitchen with the help of TJM's kitchen refacing services.

Turners Joinery and Maintenance believes that all joinery projects must be personalised to get the best results. This includes when you choose to reface your existing kitchen setup. 

Kitchen refacing involves providing joinery upgrades to an existing kitchen space without replacing the whole setup. This can include updating cabinetry doors, benchtops, drawer fronts and runners, and kitchen kickboards. Kitchen refacing may be suitable for those whose existing kitchen isn’t particularly old, but could do with a refresh without the expensive outlay of an entirely new kitchen construction. Our premium kitchen refacing services utilise the highest quality materials and give the best looking results for our clients. Satisfaction is guaranteed with TJM. 

TJM takes pride in our collaboration with our clients, not only for new kitchens but also kitchen refacing. The best results come with our open communication lines with the people we serve. Let us help you create your dream kitchen or simply provide your existing kitchen with a facelift in your Newcastle, Hunter, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens or Mid North Coast property. Reach out to us directly or fill out our contact form for enquiries.

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